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Entry Level LEDZ

NEOPHYTE SERIES (Limited Production Run) More Info And Photos Coming Soon…

Our NeoPhyte Series are ultra compact yet have high luminous output. For those that are not sensitive to high noise output of high speed turbo fans, this is a starting point. This series is ideal for smaller applications such as many aftermarket headlight assemblies. Due to its ultra compact size, high grade materials such as full aircraft aluminum, custom CSP chips, ALC (Aluminum Copper Alloy) high speed (12K RPMS) turbo fans (which are a significantly louder than our TLC Series).

1600 to 1750+ RAW LUMENS PER BULB (2000+ RAW LUMENS FOR NEOPHYTE PLUS - 23 Watts) Compare ours to the competition. These are roughly the same brightness as a high quality standard 35W HID Xenon Kit on the market, but without the glare and the need to run an unreliable ballast while using only about 1/2 of the wattage (18W) and less amps. Our NeoPhyte Series exhibit exceptional beam pattern which not only matches a halogen beam pattern but enhances it way beyond the limitations of halogen old school technology. 6 custom Micro CSP (Chip Scale Package) LEDZ per side ensure a better and enhanced light spread pattern. Anti-Glare Technology keeps you and driver’s of oncoming traffic safer as well. Be seen, but also see better, this is the basic fundamental concept automotive headlights!

TLC Series (Limited Production Run) More Info And Photos Coming Soon…

Technology-packed, Low Cost.

Our New TLC Series option are for customers who don’t want to spend a lot of money on head light bulbs, but want most of the benefits and features of a higher end product. The TLC Series is designed for vehicles that come equipped with halogen beam / multi-surface reflectors (non projector type). This series incorporates custom CSP chips for high brightness but have a sharp cut off. Other features of the TLC Series include: Anti-Glare technology, Anti-interference, Full Aircraft Aluminum Body and ALC (Aluminum Copper Alloy) for better cooling. Additionally our TLC Series comes with ULTRA quiet hydraulic turbo fans. The body structure and design for the TLC Series is a bit larger than the NeoPhyte Series and also has a larger turbo fan (spins at a lower RPM) which make the fan almost inaudible listening from the inside of the vehicle. Because the TLC Series technically has a bigger and better heat sink, larger fans as well, we were able to slow down the rotation of the turbo fans and make them virtually silent. Raw Lumen output and wattage used also matches that of the NeoPhyte Series at 1600 -1750 RAW LUMENS per bulb (18 Watts) which is about 2-2.5X brighter than your standard halogen bulbs. Keep in mind, we DO NOT over inflate our specs like many companies on the market who’s only goal is to trick you in believing they have the better product. As a matter of fact, our entry level LEDZ compare in brightness to some of the other online brands on the market claiming output of 10,000 or more lumens. LOL.

Entry Plus Level LEDZ

OJ Series (ORIGINAL J Series) More Info And Photos Coming Soon…

Accept NO Imitations. This is THE ORIGINAL J Series that inspired so many knock offs and counterfeits in the current market.

1800+ RAW LUMENS PER BULB. Compare ours to the competition. For those that are looking to upgrade your dim factory halogen bulbs or your unreliable cheap knock-off kits that you bought elsewhere online, this is the first and last stop. It starts here, and ends here. Our OJ Series are super affordable yet, super reliable. We have the JUICE and we don’t have to give you an extra long warranty to convince you that our products will last. Just look at Toyota and Honda as prime examples. We believe in the same philosophy.

One of the great things about the OJ Series is that it isn’t very high power in terms of LED bulbs (only about 18-20 Watts) but they’re super bright (more than 3X that of a standard halogen/incandescent bulb). They also don’t need a turbo fan to keep them cool, thanks to its all aircraft aluminum heat sink body structure featuring SUPER FINZ. Surprisingly enough, they are also one of the most compact LED bulbs on the market, unlike a lot of the LEDs on the market with HUUUUUUGE headsinks that cause all kinds of fitment / clearance issues.

We only use Authentic CSP chips (DL19 Custom Chips). And like the rest of our Dragon LEDZ products, they include Anti-Glare, Anti-Interference, and a constant current driver which helps regulate a more stable supply of current (makes it more reliable) Higher grade parts and electronics help our products operate better and last longer than the competition. You will immediately notice the beautiful color and contrast and even spread of your new Dragon LEDZ.

Mid Level LEDz

Signature V2 Series

More Info. Coming Soon...

Our Signature Series V2 have an amazing cut off line and near perfect beam pattern with a emphasis on a center of focus. A larger “sweet” spot allows the end users to see more of the objects in front of them. Unlike most cheaper “quality” LEDs found elsewhere that scatter light everywhere and produce annoying and dangerous glare to oncoming traffic, the SSV2 do the exact opposite of that. Our proprietary Dragon LEDz technology illuminates the road in front with razor sharp accuracy. At just under 30 maximum wattage (25 Watts Continuous), and producing 2000+ RAW LUMENS per bulb, no other compact All-In-One Led bulb on the market comes close! (counterfeit SSV2’s produce significantly less lumens and do not produce the same lighting output, illumination, contrast, width, distance, color, etc and are roughly 25% dimmer (not to mention, aren’t as dependable). The last thing you want to happen to you is your lights going out on you on a dark road, and you’re out in the middle of nowhere. That’s a dangerous and scary situation. We get that. That’s why we overbuild our products with the best possible materials and technology available. Some might say it’s excessive or overkill. We call it an obsession of commitment. And offering the best customer service and experience is the icing on the cake. We want you to feel confident you’re getting the best value and best products available.

These are also excellent for both traditional halogen / multi-surface reflectors. If you have bi-xenon projectors, this series is typically not ideal for that application, please contact us for our special made LEDZ for single-reflex projectors.

*3 Year Warranty (If purchased directly from our website without any promo codes)

High Level LEDz

Fuego 2 Series

More Info. Coming Soon...

If you want profession level performance, but are a baller on a budget, then the Fuego 2 Series fits that bill. Similar to our SSV2 Series, The Fuego 2 ups the ante in every aspect. Sharper cut off, more illumination, larger sweet spot, wider beam, more distance, better cooling, more advanced electronics. The Fuego 2 Series is one step closer to perfection. We love this series so much we installed them on 3 of our company vehicles. Overall the Fuego 2 Series is the holy grail for halogen reflectors and also work great with most projector types, or used fog lights and high beams. We absolutely love these and have pitted them against hundreds of other led bulbs on the market and we strongly agree these are the best of the best in terms of all around performance. We are confident you fall in love with these as well. The Fuego 2 won’t just put a fire in your eyes, but in your heart as well. Compare our lights to other brands that claim 2250+ raw lumens per bulb on the market and you’ll wish you never got stroked.


*3 Year Warranty (If purchased directly from our website without any promo codes)

Pro Level LEDz

Pro Series +

2500+ RAW LUMENS PER BULB. Compare ours to the competition. These are a lot brighter than any 35W HID Xenon Kit on the market, we guarantee it or your money back! The Pro Series+ will be available only in 9005 (high beam) and H4/HB2/9003 applications. These are pretty much rated for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY because they are so bright. For even our H4 bulbs, we’ve built-in a glare shield (which only allows 40-50% of light output to shine through) but is still incredibly bright. Then why incorporate a glare shield some might ask? Because most H4/9003 housings/applications have glare diffuser lines + a glare diffuser cap. That with Anti-Glare Technology with the addition of our Glare Shield brings down the light output to the threshold limits. Yes, these are borderline but these series are designed for those that need that extra light output and performance on the backroads / off-road where light is scarce and when you don’t want to add a clunky light bar or just want to remain more low-key.

*3 Year Warranty (If purchased directly from our website without any promo codes)

Expert Series - More Info Coming Soon…

2500+ RAW LUMENS PER BULB. Designed To Fit In Ultra Tight Spaces. Super Bright Equipped With Super Anti-Glare Technology. Lights Up The Roads, Not Oncoming Traffic. 1 Year Warranty W/ Optional 2 Year Extension.

Features & Benefits:

Maximum Anti Glare

4 Layer AirCraft Aluminum

Silver Coated Nano Technology

Perfect Beam Pattern (Equipped with up to 8 Genuine Lumileds / Philips ZES chips Per Side)

Perfect Contrast and Color

Perfect OEM Fitmet 


Dedicated Micro LED Driver (Constant Current Regulator)

Copper Core PCB*

MPS Microprocessor / Decoder

*3 Year Warranty (If purchased directly from our website without any promo codes)

Next Level LEDz


3000+ RAW LUMENS PER BULB. compare ours to the competition. These are a lot brighter than any 35W HID Xenon on the market, we guarantee it or your money back! These are brighter than most real 55W kits on the market!

1 Year Warranty

LMP, Caliente, Gran Turismo, and Fuego 3 - Coming Soon…

LMP (LeMans Prototype) Series - 35 Watts at 2750+ RAW LUMENS Per Bulb. - Race GOLD. Compact & Shallow. Best Gold FOG Lights money can buy. Dedicated CC Power Supply. High Grade Anti-Interference.

Caliente Series - 40 Watts at 3000+ RAW LUMENS Per Bulb - Compact, Sandwiched Copper Plate, Full Aircraft Aluminum, Stepped & Staggered Heatsink Design, Dual Ball Bearing Fans. Dedicated CC Power Supply. High Grade Anti-Interference.

Grand Turismo - 45W at 3250+ RAW LUMENS Per Bulb. Huge Chips, Huge Heatsink, Huge Turbo Fan. Max Output.Dedicated CC Power Supply. High Grade Anti-Interference.

Fuego 3 Series - 45W at 4000 RAW LUMENS Per Bulb. When only the Best of the Best will do. Suitable for Projector Lenses, High Beam or Fog Light housings. OFF ROAD USE ONLY. Coming Fall 2019.

Jewel Eyez - More Info. Coming Soon…

Available Sizes: 4” x 6”, 5” X 7”, 5.75” Round, 7” Round and 9” Round

Series: Signature Series, Pro Series, Pro Series+

*3 Year Warranty (If purchased directly from our website without any promo codes)