Interested in joining our team and become a new / trial product tester for Dragon LEDZ and receive initial FREE* products?


You must go to and click on the SPONSORSHIP tab and fill out the application. We will determine if you are approved or if your vehicle is eligible.

1) You must have a valid license

2) You must have valid registration and insurance.

3) You must not have a DUI / DWI on your record.

Terms & Conditions

1) 50% deposit for test products. You will be refunded 100% of your deposit after one year.

2) You may not sell or transfer title of your vehicle until after 1 year after receiving your Dragon LEDZ products.

3) Your FREE* products may not be removed from the vehicle unless Dragon LEDZ removes them for you or written authorization from us to do so.

4) A Dragon LEDZ logo is placed on (up to 4) locations on the outside of your vehicle + one sticker in the engine bay of your sponsored vehicle.

5) Dragon LEDZ reserves the right to remove our product(s) from your vehicle at anytime or reason (within 24 hours notice), in this case you will immediately be refunded the full amount of your deposit.

Benefits: 1) You will receive up to 50% off on future products from and up to 25% off on Auto Services from JST Auto Care located at: 10151 Imperial Ave., Cupertino, 95014

Additionally Receive up to 20% off on Auto Detail, Tint and Car Audio Services.