SIGNATURE SERIES V2 (H13/9008 Shown)

SIGNATURE SERIES V2 (H13/9008 Shown)


Premium Quality Authentic Custom CREE LEDZ

Features & Benefits:

  • All New Technology

  • All-In-One Compact Design

  • Trusted Brand

  • Full Aircraft Aluminum Body W/Copper Substrate

  • Enhanced Ultra-Quiet Replaceable Turbo-Fan

  • Increased Range & Wider Dispersion

  • Super Sharp Center Focused Beam Pattern

  • Plug ‘N Play, Not Plug & Pray

  • Guaranteed Genuine Parts (We Do Not Use Knock-Off Chips)

  • Anti-Glare

  • Vibration Proof

  • Anti-Corrosion

  • Dust Proof

  • Water Proof (IP68)

  • 3X Average Brightness Increase Over Stock Halogens

  • Improved Contrast / Night Time Visibility

  • Less Eye Fatigue / Increased Driving Pleasure / Comfort Level

  • Boost In Overall Image / Status

  • 100X More Visible To Others

  • Increased Overall Driving Safety

  • Less Maintenance & Vehicle Upkeep

  • Saves Time & Money In The Long Run

Product Specifcations:

Input Power - Real Power : 30 Watts Max (Continous Wattage 24W Appox.)

Operation Voltage: DC9-32V

Raw Lumens: 4000+ Per Set

IP Rating: Up To IP68 (Minimum IP65)

Light Source Model: Genuine Custom CREE LEDZ

Color Temperature (Kelvin Rating): 6500K

Heat Dissipation Theory: Aviation Aluminum + Copper Substrate + Enhance Hydraulic Turbo Fan (Replaceable)

Operation Life Expectancy: >30,000 Hours (Approximately 20 Years, 4 Hrs/Day

Operation Temperature: -40°C to -80°C (104°F to 176°F)

Notes: Ideal For Both Halogen & Most Projector Housings

Pros: All-In-One Design, High Performance Value, Sharp Cut Off, Excellent Beam Pattern, Great Contrast and Fair High Lumen Output.

Cons: Deep Body Structure, Will not fit in some housings where space is limited.


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