Thank you for your interests in our Dragonledz. We are here to provide the best product for your needs. We understand that our product may not satisfy all consumers under certain circumstances. In such cases, we offer a 30-day return policy with 50% restocking fee.  Exchanges will not be charge a restocking fee.  Returns/exchange will only be granted with original invoice receipt, original box containing the UPC serial code (if applicable) and product must be free from any consumer causing defects.  We highly suggest in making sure you purchase the correct fitting for your needs. Please take notice of measurements of each product and we advise you DO NOT try to fit the product in your project if you have any doubts because any consumer defect of product will not be granted a return/exchange. Any alterations, modifications, and attempt removal of labeling on packaging will not be granted a return/exchange and void warranty.  Consumers are responsible for all shipping and handling fees of returns. The entire return/exchange process may take up to 90 days.