DragonLedz Signature Series


DragonLedz Signature Series

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DragonLedz Signature Series -

*Designed and Optimized for Projector Type Housings. We do not recommend these to be used in Halogen Housings also known as Surface Reflector/Multi-Surface Housings. Our Pro Series are so bright that they will likely over saturate and over flood the Halogen housings causing an unwanted high beam-like effect. If you have this type of headlight housing mentioned above, please take a look at our other Dragon Ledz lines.

Signature Series DragonLedz headlight/fog light are the best value on the market with theoretical lifespan ratings of 30,000+ hours of usage. To give you an idea of how long that is, let's just say your grand kids probably still won't have to change out our bulbs.  Pro Series consists a true rating of 4000+ lumens per pair which out shines the typical lighting output of 35W HID Xenon lights.  Each product is efficiently crafted to resist problematic issues normally found in regular halogen or HID Xenon bulbs/systems.

Heat production and dissipation are minimize by the product material constructed with aircraft aluminum alloy and a turbo attenuated fan running 12000R/min.  The All-In-One compact design will maximize headlight/fog lights space with no separate ballast and no additional cord for extension of the ballast. DragonLedz headlight/fog lights are shock resistant, and water resistant made with a rubber seal PA66+30% GF around the product keeping out dust and moisture.  DragonLedz Signature Series headlight/fog lights has an ingress protection rating of 65 also known as IP Rating.  IP65 will give complete dust tight protection and waterproof hermetical seal when immersed in water. For this series, we use ONLY Genuine BridgeLUX USA plannar LED chips. All Pro Series Dragon Ledz headlight bulbs carry a Limited 1-Year warranty from manufacturer defects* Please see our warranty policy for more information and details.

Our Dragon Ledz WILL NOT burn your wires or headlight housings. 

Enjoy state of the art solid state technology. We utilize the latest generation COB L.E.D.s on the market, we do not use generic "flip" or "flip-chip" COB leds. There are many imitations on the market that look similiar to ours, but are not genuine, look for the dragon logo and our website engraved on the leds or box or your purchased items.

Also notice that since we are an LED Manufacturer and Distributor, some of our products will not come in a box and are distributed as OEM designation (Not retail box)

*Pictures also may not accurately represent the actually product 100%.

**All our auto headlight LEDS are for offroad and show purposes only unless otherwise stated.

***On some vehicles, slight to moderate modifications made be needed. Fitment is about 100% on about 99% of vehicles in production. Please check to see if your car needs any modifications prior to placing an order to avoid any restocking or cancellation fees. If you are unsure, please shoot us an email.

*Double check to see if your vehicle needs an additional special adaptor or canceller wire. If you are unsure, please contact through out website or by email.

If for whatever reason you don't see what you are looking for please use the CONTACT tab at the top of our website and shoot us an email! Chances are we either have it in stock or can special order it for you.

1 YEAR WARRANTY when purchased in conjunction with one of our CANBUS.

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2 YEAR WARRANTY (If purchased directly from our website)