NeoPhyte Series

NeoPhyte Series


Premium Quality Authentic Custom CSP LEDZ

Features & Benefits:

  • Advanced LED Technology

  • Ultra Compact Design

  • Trusted Brand

  • Full Aircraft Aluminum Body W/Copper Substrate

  • Enhanced Attenuated HydraulicTurbo-Fan

  • Ultra Thin PCB For Wider Dispersion

  • Sharp & Even Light Spread Beam Pattern

  • Plug ‘N Play, Not Plug & Pray

  • Guaranteed Genuine Parts (We Do Not Use Knock-Off Chips)

  • Anti-Glare

  • Vibration Proof

  • Anti-Corrosion

  • Dust Proof

  • Water Proof (Up to IP68)

  • 2X-3X Average Brightness Increase Over Stock Halogens

  • Improved Contrast / Night Time Visibility

  • Less Eye Fatigue / Increased Driving Pleasure / Comfort Level

  • Boost In Overall Image / Status

  • 100X More Visible To Others

  • Increased Overall Driving Safety

  • Less Maintenance & Vehicle Upkeep

  • Saves Time & Money In The Long Run

Product Specifcations:

Input Power - Real Power : 18-20 Watts Max (Continous Wattage 18W Appox., Customizable Up To 24W Max)

Operation Voltage: DC8-32V

Luminous Flux: 4000 Real Lumens/Set (5000 max)

IP Rating: Up To IP68 (Minimum IP65)

Light Source Model: Genuine Custom SS CSP LEDZ

Color Temperature (Kelvin Rating): 5700K

Heat Dissipation Theory: Aviation Aluminum + Copper Substrate + Enhance Turbo Fan (Non-Replaceable)

Operation Life Expectancy: >30,000 Hours (Approximately 20 Years, 4 Hrs/Day)

Operation Temperature: -40°C to -80°C (104°F to 176°F)

Notes: Ideal For Halogen & Some Projector Housings

Pros: Ultra-Compact, High Performance Value, Sharp Cut Off, Excellent Beam Pattern, Great Contrast and Medium Lumen Output. Will Fit In Most Housings Where Space Is Limited. Affordable Performance Than Won’t Break The Bank. Touch Of Gold Contrast For Enhanced Visibility In Foul Weather Conditions.

Cons: Low To Moderate Fan Noise Levels , Will Work Well In Some Projector Housings, But Not Optimized For Them. Lower Brightness Than Most Of The Other Dragon LEDZ Lines.

NeoPhyte Series

1800+ RAW LUMENS PER BULB (2000+ RAW LUMENS FOR NEOPHYTE PLUS - 23 Watts) Compare ours to the competition. These are roughly the same brightness as a high quality standard 35W HID Xenon Kit on the market, but without the glare and the need to run an unreliable ballast while using only about 1/2 of the wattage (18W) and less amps. Our NeoPhyte Series exhibit exceptional beam pattern which not only matches a halogen beam pattern but enhances it way beyond halogen limitations. 6 SS CSP (Chip Scale Package) LEDS per side ensure the best light pattern and spread possible. Anti-Glare Technology keeps you and driver’s over oncoming traffic safer as well. Be seen, but also see better, this is the basic fundamental concept of led headlights!

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